People & Values

John Kim, President, & Jennifer Dieter, Vice President, are managing partners of John Kim & Associates (JKA). Informed by a foundation in Lean manufacturing dating back to the early 90s, JKA has emerged as an enterprise wide approach to both accelerating the pace and the framework from which organizations achieve their strategic and operational objectives.

This enterprise wide, results focused approach has evolved over the past 10+ years and has been customized for key industries (e.g. healthcare, manufacturing and oil and gas) to provide the framework for a scalable, balanced and systemic approach to:

  • Strategy Development
  • Deployment of both Strategic and Operational Objectives
  • Improving Operations and Performance within operations
  • Leadership development and employee engagement

The JKA Model has been successfully applied and is currently being utilized by hundreds of organizations to create breakthrough performance improvements, accelerate the pace of change (within an organization) and develop the internal skills to both improve processes and performance across the organization.

With 25+ years of experience, John is an internationally recognized leader in the design, development, & mobilization of enterprise wide Lean transformations. As an executive at The Hon Company & Danaher Corporation, John learned the keys to implementing Lean while running multiple operations across the US. Throughout the years, John has become recognized keynote speaker on Lean Leadership, Lean Healthcare, & Lean Transformations. John has spent the last 17+ years in executive consulting specifically helping organizations achieve breakthrough (10-50%) levels of improvement in access (capacity), revenue, growth, cost and quality to impact the income statement and balance sheet alike. Following the simple mantra of ‘align, enable, & improve’ and using both traditional and proprietary* Lean techniques, principles, & methodologies has been the key to success in sectors that include:

  • Health Care (Health systems, Hospitals, Primary/Specialty Care, & Skilled Nursing Facilities)
  • Health Plans/Payors (Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid)
  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Financial Services

Jennifer is an internationally renowned business consultant with experience in various industries, cultures, & business models across the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Norway, Europe and Africa. With a background in both business and psychology Jennifer is a trusted advisor to numerous commercial, business and healthcare organizations. Jennifer has utilized the JKA Model for Improvement to guide numerous Lean implementations at health systems, hospitals, primary/specialty care practices and health plans across the US. Jennifer’s work across multiple industries has resulted in multiple speaking engagements including:  the National Quality Forum, the International Shingo Conference, and the annual Shingo Mexico conference on topics related to Lean Healthcare, Operational Excellence and creating systemic change.

Over the past 10+ years, Jennifer has focused her efforts on Business Strategy, Lean management system development, Lean infrastructure and continuous process Improvement, including:

  • Strategy design and development
  • Strategy deployment
  • Structure to support mobilization, implementation, and deployment of Lean as a management system
  • Scalability of processes across locations
  • Capability coaching and development (executives, directors, managers, supervisors, and staff)

*Note – A proprietary technique of JKA, VSMi® is the most common technique used when evaluating and improving information flows. Originally introduced as a tool for understanding information flows, VSMi® is now taught as a specific process improvement technique in nearly all types of information flows.