JKA Mission & Vision

It is our mission to respect our clients (needs and objectives), their employees and their customers (patients). We understand that change and change management are difficult for many organizations and that it is our role to service and support our clients in the design and development of their approach, philosophy and methodology for mobilizing change within their organizations.

As we share our experiences about implementation, mobilization, knowledge sharing and lean infrastructure, our clients learn to see avoidable mistakes, minimize stress unto their organization and enhance speed to value of their performance improvement program.  As internal capabilities are development, continual improvement across the organization becomes a possibility.

Embedded in our work is a profound respect for people, leadership and customers/patients.  Integrating both tactical and experiential learning, process and strategy, training and process improvement, and top-down and bottom-up thinking all built around the notion that it is the continual creation of learning moments throughout an organization that enables individuals to absorb, process and grow.