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Since the early 90s, Lean Manufacturing has evolved far beyond tools, systems, and the pursuit of flow on the shop floor. It is the understanding of how to utilize Lean thinking to achieve both Operational and Enterprise Excellence that forms the pathway to breakthrough (10-40%) performance improvement in areas such as:

  • Revenue (Growth)
  • Cost
  • EBIT
  • Working Capital (Cash)
  • Market Share
  • Product Development

Working with global manufacturers ranging from medical devices, to commercial to capital equipment, John Kim & Associates (JKA) specializes in discreet, continuous flow production, and engineer-to-order manufacturing.

Understanding the importance of improvements that impact the bottom line, the JKA team identifies, focuses, and coordinates the ‘right’ improvements across the broader enterprise (Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), Product Development, Supply Chain, and Field Service). It is understanding how to integrate and align strategic, operational, and tactical improvement activities that can directly create breakthrough improvements in key performance areas of revenue, productivity, lead time, and quality.

Utilizing our proprietary approach that targets the flow of information (Value Stream Mapping for information (VSMi®), the JKA team seamlessly applies Lean thinking across the entire enterprise. Our approach to Enterprise Excellence synchronizes improvement efforts across departments (office and/or shop) to maximize the impact to an organization’s Income Statement and/or Balance Sheet:

  • Sales (Revenue)
  • Marketing (Market Share)
  • Operations/Lean Manufacturing (Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Safety)
  • Engineering (New Product Development, New Product Introduction)
  • Materials/Inventory Strategy (Working Capital/Cash)
  • Supply Chain/Distribution Strategy (Working Capital/Cash)
  • Finance (Accounts Receivable (AR)/Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), Tax, and Month End Close)