Your Operational Excellence. Our Business.

From Strategy to operational excellence to implementation across a health system, we have full suite of offerings specific for healthcare clients developed over 12+ years and work with 100’s of hospitals, medical groups, physician practices and payors
From Strategy to implementation to multi-facility deployment, JKA offers a wide range of consulting services to improve performance (in sales, engineering, finance, manufacturing, supply chain) and target improvements in revenue, productivity, lead time, cost, and quality.
Our experts have implemented management systems with 100’s of clients across a myriad of industries. We offer full support in the design and implementation of Lean management systems designed to enable your organization to create focus, develop internal capabilities and achieve breakthrough results.
Our coaching spans three distinct types of services: leadership coaching, coaching front line operations leaders, and coaching for performance improvement. Our coaching model provides access to coaches who have each led multiple organizations and delivered 10-30% improvements across the care continuum, to gain insights, leverage lessons learned and avoid many of the pitfalls that change can entail.

Who we are

Industry Leaders, operations executives and Lean improvement experts driven to achieve results through Operational Excellence and organizational development.


Health Insurance


Oil & Gas

What we do

You are our Client – We collaborate with you using your strategic objectives to create the vision, approach, core processes and internal capabilities needed to deliver both daily performance and bottom line results today and into the future. .

How we do it

Whether your organization is new to Lean or well on your journey, JKA offers multiple engagement models to support your organization with a custom designed approach.